Sunday, June 21, 2009

Job Hunting

Unfortunately, you can't stay in school forever. (Not that I'm not trying my hardest!) Luckily, even in today's tough job market, library jobs are still relatively plentiful. But librarianship is also a blossoming field, so you have to be incredibly prepared in order to beat out the competition and land that perfect job. I have complied a list of great web resources for getting a job in a library. If you are about to head out into the job market, good luck! And if not, it's never to early to start thinking about your resume and the type of library you would like to work in.

100 Commonly Asked Interview Questions are mostly used in academic libraries, but they are excellent questions regardless.

LIS Career is a great overall resource for all job hunters. My favorite section is the Job Hunting section that has really great articles on finding a job.

ALA Joblist has a great selection of helpful hints and tricks for job seekers. The Career Assessments section is particular helpful.

This article is particularly interesting in addressing the cover letter. I came across it through a listserve I belong to and felt that I should share it because I found it very helpful.

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  1. Job Search Tips

    ..Start your search early
    ..Consider continuing your studies
    ..Gain some experience
    ..Rethink your plans
    ..Focus in on the 'safe' areas
    ..Look further afield
    ..Use all the resources at your disposal
    ..Focus on your transferable skills
    ..Find yourself a mentor

    New jobs are out there, we help you find them