Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Training Module

I created this video tutorial using Camtasia software. It's very simple to use and a 30 day free trial can be downloaded here. Play around with it; its really fun! There are tons of things that can be done with it, and it's a great tool for the library. Think of all the great ways you can incorporate tutorials in your library to better serve your patrons. Teach how to search the catalog, set up a free email account, use InterLibrary Loan, the possibilities are enormous! One tip, when attempting to upload a video, make sure you upload it as a MP4 file, not as a web file. I made this mistake so many times and couldn't figure out what was wrong! Once I got it in the right form, uploading was a breeze!

I also added this video using Google Sites. So the video can also be viewed, in a larger format, here. Enjoy!!

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