Wednesday, July 15, 2009

New Features and Update on Summer Reading

I've added some new features!! I created tags (or labels) for each of my posts to make it simpler to locate posts on similar topics. While I don't have that many posts now, hopefully this will be helpful in the near future. I've also added the Shelfari widget. If you are unfamiliar with Shelfari, it's a social networking site that allows members to share books they've read, are reading, and would like to read. I'm not using the site to connect with other readers, instead I'm using its excellent blogger widget to share what I'm reading with you. Scroll down to find my bookshelf on the left side of your screen. The shelf only displays one book at a time, but I'll usually have two or three books listed depending on what I'm currently reading. Take some time to check out these two new features!

I'm sure you were all on the edge of your seat wondering how my summer reading is going so here's an update. So far I've read four books from my list (Bull's Island, The Sweet Far Thing, A Separate Peace, and The Alchemist) and started Mere Christianity, but haven't been able to really get into it yet. Of the books I've finished, I'm excited to say that I strongly recommend them all. Especially The Alchemist; if you haven't read it yet, get yourself to the library and check it out immediately. It has really encouraged me to follow my dreams and continue down the path of pursuing my Ph.D.

Next up on my list are The Space Between Us and A Thousand Splendid Suns. I decided that the best way to get all of these books is to use my public library in order to encourage me to read them before they are due back. I find this to be a good process. I've even requested ones that are not in the library currently so I won't have to wait long between each book.

I'm still reading romance naturally, but spacing it out between my summer reads. In the past week I've read Julia Quinn's What Happens in London and Eloisa James's A Duke of Her Own, both of which are excellent. If you like historical romance even a little, check out these authors. I received four free (and autographed!) romance novels at ALA this past weekend so I'm looking forward to having some others to read as well.

So far my summer reading is progressing nicely. Look for more updates as I keep reading through my list. Please leave your comments on how your summer reading is going and/or what you are reading; I would love to hear from you!

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